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Ti Ska Ceremonial House Renovation

Under the Guidance of the Spiritual Leader, Richard Moves Camp, the Wicahpi Koyaka Tiospaye strives to re-establish indigenous cultural and spiritual traditions.


· Since 1938 to present day, this house still stands and serves as the Ceremony House for the Community

· Around 2000 families come to the Ceremony House for healing every year

· The Community is served all hours of the day and night

· Often there are 80 Relatives in the one room house for each ceremony

· The Ceremony House is a symbol, one of love, trust and healing and the community know that they will not be turned away.

What will be in the rebuild and expansion?

· It needs water

· It needs heat (ceremonies take place in Winter. Temperatures average below 10 °F (−12 °C)

· It needs a kitchen to feed the people and prepare medicines

· It needs a stronger foundation to prevent it from blowing over in the Prairie winds

· It needs an extra room for families and preparation.

Our goal is to have the 1st phase of the renovation complete by this Summer 2019 in time for our annual Sundance Ceremony.

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