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CARNAVAL SF 2019 – 8th Annual Benefit Fundraiser for WKT San Francisco, CA

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Sun Dance community, family and friends step up and volunteer to work security for this major event and donate all the funds to Wicahpi Koyaka Tiospaye – Wopila!

The men work two 12-hour shifts, (7pm -7am) on Friday and Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend. It is hard work and every year we pray and are thankful that our men be safe and protected. The women support by providing healthy snacks, cooking soup, providing drinks and delivery on both nights. When we have many volunteers step up to help out it lightens the load for those that step-up year after year. It also allows for some of the elders to be sent home early and helps to provide coverage for those that cannot do the whole shift.

We want to thank everyone that stepped up to “be of service” for the greater good by doing the work and donating the funds towards continuing the ceremonies that help us all to heal and bring us together as a community of “prayer”. Thank you to Friendship House for sending volunteers!

We also want to acknowledge the coordinators, Carlos Ruiz, Redhouse Poncho and Rencho Wahpepah, who have done the tireless work of coordinating this fundraiser for the past eight years. We apologize if we forgot to include any one’s name. (* two nights!)

Gabe Chavez*, Henry Morales*, Womblee Taylor*

Oscar Osorio*, Rob Alfaro*, Rencho Wahpepah*

Redhouse Poncho*, Carlos Ruiz-Martinez*, Felipe Guzman*

Nghia Tran*, David McGahee*, Ben Eiland*

Desi Mundo*, Jason Hoffman*, John Newman*

Akichita Chief*, Paul Haible*, Will FH*, Julian FH*, Nate FH*

Kevin Mamea, Louie Gutierrez*, Sandino Wahpepah, John Behan

Geoff Perusse, Joshua Perez, James Gregory

Aaron Conway, Stephan Cheney, Franco Esqueda

Glen Kircher, Robert Williamson, Gabriel Zepeda

Arthur Savangsy, Nathan Rich, Hector Patty

Jeremy FH, John Salazar, Alejandro Velez, Nadya Bratt

Henry Posada, Priscilla Lenares, Yoko Kaneko, Mary Propheter

Michele Gregory, Jackie Lomeli, Crystal Wahpepah

Akicita Feather Necklace, Georgia Bratt, Melody Ferris, Lupe Avila.


Weekend, May 22 and May 23rd, 2020!! We need your help!

MITAKUYE OYASIN – “We are the Ancestors of Tomorrow”

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